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We are pretty much at today's point now. The good news is, I got some t5 injectors rated at 391cc or 37 lbs at 3.8 bar. Along with a dodge 4 bar fpr, if the calculator I used is correct, i should be looking around 38 lbs. But, I've also had a rich spike at cruise problem, I believe that this is caused by a sticky injector? So I will install them soon enough with the oem 3 bar regulator to see if this solves my problem. I should just have to bypass the resistor pack

The bad news is, I got a little heavy with the throttle going around a corner and slung it sideways, and since after that I have had a BAD vibration coming to a stop, and a thumping from the middle console area below speeds of 30mph. It clears up after that, but has a metallic clicking with driveshaft speed.

I have ordered the bearing and seal for the tailshaft of the transmission, a new hd trans mount and a new carrier bearing and mount. Hopefully replacing these will fix my issue and I will not have to change the u joints. (Which I'm dreading)
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