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Thanks for the kind words everyone! Really appreciate it after all of the work. The car made it's first (albeit brief) trip onto the main road yesterday, got up to around 60mph in 4th and it feels good overall. Some clunks going on I'll check next time it's in the air. With no interior and no sound deadening mostly all I can hear is things buzzing and all of the sand on the road destroying everything I worked on last spring . I think the fastest car I've owned was a ~200whp SAAB, so I can already tell this is going to be a whole different animal.

Originally Posted by Hank Scorpio View Post
Getting close!! Amazing job, you're going to have a blast in it, trust me. ;)
This is nice to hear, trust me! More than once I have thought about the fact that I've spent all of this time and effort working on a car I've never driven. I think my total Volvo 240 driven miles are <150, with most of that being driving 100 miles home in my original donor car. So somewhere in the back of my head has been "what if you don't even like the thing!?". It only took one real test drive to say ok, I'm sick of working on the thing... let's drive.

But just in case there is any doubt that Volvo runs deep around here... Dad was making some room to move the gold car shell out of the greenhouse, after cutting some small trees down he was kicking leaves around and unearthed a nice little piece of archaelogy - some kind of flat hood grill that has been laying buried for what I'm sure can be measured in decades! It is actually pretty much intact minus the spears and a crack on the upper left slat.

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