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It's vaguely possible that one of those could work, with the shifter extension in the forward position. But I'd probably have to bash the hell out of the end of the tunnel, around the shifter area.

I didn't get any measurement on how much room I had around the back end of the trans as-is, since I was planning on using the top mount shifter. But I do recall thinking I might actually need to trim the shifter shaft off so it wouldn't touch when in 1/3/5 gears (lever forward, shaft fully extended).

This is with the LS moved forward 1.25 inches as well, the bellhousing face/back end of the motor is a bit further forward than the redblock engine's was. A top mount shifter might be a necessity on any redblock-cD009 trans swaps.

I sent CBF another email asking for a rough date, let's see if the respond this time.
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