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Originally Posted by PNW940Pwnage View Post
Major fail today.

Last weekend, we installed the new high stall converter, and a junkyard AW71 - my reasoning was I'd been beating on the trans that I had in the car a while, so a stock one should be fresher and should have more life left in it. Converter felt a bit sloppy on street tires, but whatever. So I made it to the track tonight.

Although I bettered my last run launch-wise (2.1 60) - I ran 1.1 seconds slower, and lost 13 mph. My trans felt like it never engaged, it was in constant slip the whole way down the track to a blistering 15.0 @ 90. I stopped after that run - no sense boiling my trans fluid.

While I can't be 100% it's the converter, I have a hunch that it is. I will be taking it out and returning it when I get the chance, going back to my other trans, and moving to a slightly better spooling turbo (GT2871R, internal).
I'd try it with the old trans. Don't replace what's working with unknowns, you don't know what happened to the jy AW71. I've picked em up and had em **** out right away
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