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Originally Posted by PeaceEngineered View Post
I just want a sound clip! (I am sure you do too- haha).
Out of curiosity, how tough is it going to be to service the spark plugs and their wires?
Yeah I really want that too, should sound pretty crazy. The plugs are going to be ok to do. Right now, 1 of the 3 long rods that ties the 6 itbs together is kinda in the way. I'll probably move that one or just get rid of it. The 2 remaining ones plus the silicone couplers are more than able to hold it all together. Then it will be pretty easy and accessible as the spark plug holes are exactly between the itb housings. I'm planning on using coil on plug ignition, so no plug wires. VAG coils fit quite ok there. I'll still be making 2 intake plenums with the trumpets inside that will go on each bank and then run those through a filter box in each front corner of the car because of local regulations regarding open air filters. Those plenums will need to be removed then to get to the plugs, but that should be very easy.
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