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Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
Exact specs for that trans. cable adjustment (as you have learned, it matters) can be found on the UK Volvo 700/900 Maint. Pages. Adjusted mine 5 years ago, never had to touch it. You can also find the direct link near the top of the BB homepage.

Thanks, after a third adjustment (created slack) a grand total of 1/2-5/8" the car has no downshift issues(*also not certain but it seems to have stopped slipping ? Or possibly something else going on)

A) I suspect that the downshift cable may not have ever been adjusted properly (?)
B) I tried downshift button, & it still works perfect

Originally posted by Jack
You talk about parts cannon but you throw the Obamacare diagnostic tool orgy onto this like it's a cloned embryo of baby Jesus

Desperate need of elf assistant for interior work - Cash/Beer option $
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