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These engine mounts you made look terrific.

Nice work.

Originally Posted by Tfrasca View Post

I put the stock radiator in, and there's about 1/4 to 5/8" between the water pump snout and the radiator core. Pretty tight..
Another guy building a 142 here in Oz has the same issue. He's planning on using a water pump out of a 360, which AFAIK was never on the USA sales catalogs. They shoe-horned both B19 (2 litre B21) and B200 (2 litre B230) engines into these cars, and they used water pumps with smaller snouts to make the whole shebang fit.

JFTR, these are the part numbers -

B200 engine = 3344252 (for B230)
B19 engine = 3344253 (for B21, B23)

Skandix carry both pumps, e.g.:


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