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Originally Posted by dbasher View Post
Thanks for listing the parts you’ll be using, it’ll help me down the road. I know you’ve had a custom harness made before, what’s a ballpark on the cost?

Engine bay is looking good. My vote is satin....but not body color.
Its not cheap for the supercharger setup all in I think I am about $3,500 just for the blower and all accessories to run it.

Originally Posted by churd9 View Post
Would love to see a pic of the f150 engine bay
You would think I would have a better engine bay shot, but here is what I have handy......wish I had painted the firewall the same satin body color that I did the core support and inner fenders in.

Originally Posted by M.H. Yount View Post
Battery in the back?
No, I think I am just going to go with a smaller battery in the factory location, maybe laid down or pushed up close to the inner fender. Some things I have learned with driving things hard and reliability. Easy to get to means easy to work on and troubleshoot. This is not going to be a show car.

From a weight standpoint, I would not mind moving it to the rear, but a small Odyssey is pretty minimal weight wise. Ill likely have to add ballast to the car to get it up to minimum optima weight anyways.

Originally Posted by 77volvo245 View Post
Are you going to single stage paint?
Yes. I have always liked the way the single stage paint looks and functions on these cars and I see no reason to change it.

I managed to get the rest of the metal work done. My buddy used to work at a place where they did a lot of lazer work and he would grab some of the fall pieces from the table and put them in a bin for me. Comes in super handy when you are trying to weld up holes =)

I am thinking about farming out the paint work on this as I am really not setup to paint at the new place at all.

I need to get on pulling the engine from the van and getting it ready to drop in as parts are here waiting.

Happy Monday!!

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