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Originally Posted by Mueller View Post
I'm going to be in Newberg in June for a Porsche 914 event, would love to see your truck in person. (just mapped it out, you are 8 hours away, ouch)

Now I want to redo my engine compartment after seeing your progress...damn it!
Never too late to redo it, I had the engine out in less than a day

I am only about an hour or so from Newberg, hit me up if you want to get together.

Originally Posted by Pillow View Post
Great tip!!! Subbed for awesomeness.
Should be fun.

Originally Posted by KeizerBrickGuy View Post
Holy picture size, Batman! From what literally took me 20 minutes to look through the pictures; nice!
I figured most people were not on dial up anymore . I just link pics from my photobucket account like I have done on all my other build threads. Not sure how to resize them actually.

Originally Posted by ujoint View Post
Looks great so far, excited to watch the progress!
Thanks man, are you from UJoint for real? You guys have some killer stuff I cut my teeth in offroading, just finished building an 05 ram with a 700hp 426 hemi, one tons and 40" tires.

Got this bitch loaded up and off to the painters this morning. Super high end hot rod shop is helping me out with it.

They are turning it around quick should have it back in just a few days as all the prep was done for them.

Supercharger showed up at FedEx yesterday, will pick up today. Parts are piling up now!!!

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