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Originally Posted by DNAsEqUeNcE View Post
looks good. I like the billet flange too. don't forget to flatten the throttle body flange.
If its nessesary it will not be my jobIm only welding!The billet flange is really niceSave alot of work and welding with it also!

Originally Posted by Arn02 View Post
Are these a lower chassis brace? If so, do you have some dimensions of it? I'd like to fabricate one as well because stiffer than GT lower chassis brace.
Yes it isI have the drawing somewhere, can post it in this thread later this week when I find it!


Welder injectorpipes on a E engine intake this weekend..No finish pic

And finished the other intake..Plate for "speedvaier"

And plates for the fuelrailMounted togheter, looks awesome!

Last pic before it went in the mailbox on the way till its new owner
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