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Sooooo while everyone here bitches and speculates on therotic out comes. I'll chime in with first hand experience. I picked up these Benz wheels, and being a machinist I whipped up some adapters. They're 1" (25.4mm) thick. Since putting them on the car handles the exact same. The car is lowered in the front and on 195/75/14 winters and the tires don't ever run the fenders not even full lock turning on pot holes roads.

Yes it may put a little more strain on your wheel bearings. But when speaking about leverage, 1" isn't much.... If you need some extra leverage on a wrench, do you pick up a 1" long power par.....

What I've learned from this site is most the folks here think Volvo engineers are the almighty gods and you must never modify your car passed what they designed.

Anyways here's my death trap I can hardly steer it! It's always flying off the road and the steering wheel is so twitchy it's like driving a meth addict /sarcasm

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