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Made the support bars and welded them in on the drivers side today. Installed the adj. torque rods, set as long as I can make them, and they're not long enough to fix my tire clearance problems, so I butchered the fenders some more.

Drivers side has hit a guard rail and been heavily bondo'd by me in the past, so I ground out a lot of dust to get back to bare metal. Now that I can get to the back side of the outer layer, I knocked out the dent(s) a little and started contemplating where to cut & splice to make it wider. Then I had another idea, one that is less visually appealing, but much quicker & easier to execute. I didn't really need a lot more room, so I'm knocking the fender lip out and blending it with the arch along the dogleg.

After rough shaping with a couple of hammers

At 21.5" up to the arch, I can slide paper between the fender and tire all the way around. It must be resting on the bump stop now.

should I just clear coat it and leave it as is?
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