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Epic tire rub? Car would fill with smoke after a particularly long off camber sweeper. A little distracting, but no serious damage to the tires. Thinking about thicker adapters actually. I'll have to see how much thread I have available and if 5mm looks safe, and looks like enough. Wouldn't mind bumping 'em out 8mm per side if it means no more clearance issues at all. Also wouldn't mind having the same style adapters I have on the front which have longer studs and a taller lip to better hold the wheel when tightening the lugs.

Bne had 1st with a 56.2 after his third run, but then I went 55.6 just before the rain started. We couldn't make significant improvements on 4th, and I actually went better til going off course from taking the fastest corner too fast, so no improvement. 3rd was 56.4. 4th was ??? and teh bimmer was 57 or 58 with the front swaybar endlinks tied in knots.

Car drove nice. I didn't feel the massive wheel spin from the inside tire like last time. I never noticed any one-wheel-peel, but I was really focused on the stink of burning rubber, so I'll have to fix this and reexamine the diff next event. I think it's easier to drive someone elses car when there's a problem, and more difficult to drive through it when it's your own. At least it is for me. Fortunately I didn't come in 2nd and use this as an excuse.

The softer rear and tenders was definitely a step in the right direction, but the work is not done. I'll probably try the 5mm spacers at the next event, along with some work with the sledge hammer and grinder. Also hoping to install the RX7 calipers & 740 11.25" rotors for the next event. I have all the parts, so no excuses now.
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