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Default 1974 and '75 B20 Eight Bolt Blocks

In the planning stages of building a new engine for our 1968 122s wagon which will see HARD high rpm use as the shop "truck," road car, and which will also be used for some towing.

Have access to both 1974 and 1975 B20 eight bolt engines and want to know what will hold up the best in the long run.

It has been reported that the '74 engines in addition to having bad cams suffered from soft blocks and cylinder bores that are also porous and wear out of round quicker. Does anyone know if this is actually true or is it and old "wife's" tale? Did Volvo ever publish anything about this in their service bulletins?

Seeing as the '74 engines supposedly had "soft" cams could the bores have just worn faster because of all of the extra cast iron junk floating around in the oil windage that did not get filtered out?
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