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Default Spring Rate Data

Starting the spring thread that was requested.
I will edit it as we go, adding numbers and deleting extraneous comments.
Please comment, and please offer to loan sets of springs if you remove KNOWN OE springs to change anything. I would also test any lowering or overload springs you can loan me.
I'm at the south end of Delaware, and can meet somewhere else if we can work it out.

Quotes from another thread:

Originally Posted by mikep View Post
I did all the springs a long time ago and found varying results. The first numbers posted above were probably from measuring the wire plus paint. I do remember a wagon rear spring being around that number. Then I lost that notebook.

Since I couldn't find any numbers, I started over.
I just measured the springs from a mid-80s CT 244 that went to the crusher.

Front Springs 80 lb/inch.
Rear Springs 91 lb/inch.

Scraped off the paint and undercoating, measured, did the math. Pretty close.
Maybe that wagon with 117# had overloads, but 117 and 107 aren't that far apart. Plus the 117 might have been measuring and using a calculator.
And maybe the 120# fronts that were mentioned were GT or Diesel springs. I really wish I had the diesel springs I got rid of.

Originally Posted by mikep View Post
I measured how much pressure it took to compress each spring, and retested each run. Then I increased the pre-load, so I got numbers starting at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80lbs. That's TEN tests per spring.

I will have turbo wagon (US) from the junkyard as soon as I have the money to pay for the front suspension. Until then, nobody has offered to let me test any springs at all. I do what I can.
I'll test another mid-80s sedan soon, and also a non-turbo 940 wagon.
(I paid for the suspension, haven't seen it yet in the several months, even when I told him to drag it here and let me remove it.

Originally Posted by John V, outside agitator View Post
Mike, sticky somewhere?
Done. At least, it's a start.

Yesterday I tested 1992 wagon rears. They were a little off side to side.
One was 97 pound/inch, one was 107. Looking for another set.

I have another 240 sedan that I will test soon, and I will try to get these fronts tested. Had some issues with a brake line, and it's changeover day for the exploratory class.
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