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Well, january was super cold, so i could not do too much on the car itself.
I mainly did assembly work in the room and fixing the wiring, connecting LH into the original loom, finishing cluster...
Brakes assembled:

Had a bit of trouble with rear caliper rebuild kits, as they were for ATE calipers... Pistons are just a bit smaller and they move too easily in the bores. Sourced some useable pistons from the browns original front calipers...

Repaired tank senders broken connector in my own way... Used the third pipe for the wiring.

Main harness was fun to work on, fixed a lot of shady splicing, replaced oxidized pins, wired some LH stuff in...

Connecting a few wires was not that hard, at all, i pretty much think it will start on first try.

Finished the electric cluster conversion, needed to enlargen the trip meter opening a bit to the right to see the 100m roller. Not sure about white needle or not...

Put in a shift up indicator:

But i have a strange feeling it wont work, or at least we will see... Does it need a relay?
If it not works, or its ****ty, I will make it a redline indicator.

Put on the fuel tank, all the brakes:

Then good weather came and i quickly got to the point that i want to see it in paint. Well guys, paint booth is finally getting rented on this weekend, and i will paint the heck out of the car!!!
Few parts needed some rust treatment and epoxy layer:

Also on a few places metal/bondo showed trough because sanding:

But these are really the last ones... On friday it will get its last sanding before topcoat, on saturday i'll bring it to the booth.
Pushed it outside, cleaned it a bit... I still love this color and car!

Fabbed up quickly a steering column mount to be able to properly steer the car to the trailer.

Thats it for now guys, I hope i can show you the painted car next week! I cant wait!
1980 Brown 244 GL

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