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So, the day after my last post, I woke up excited to drive my car to work. My trip is about 30 miles each way. I was about half way there and my oil pressure light blinked for a split second under hard breaking. A couple miles later, it blinked on again. I started watching my gauge and i wasn't getting over 2 bar... I eventually rolled into my parking lot at work with very low oil pressure at idle but no bad noises. Disappointed and frustrated and scared, I popped the hood. The dipstick showed no oil (actually ended up having maybe a quart or more left). I couldn't find any obvious place where all of my oil could have leaked out to, but the turbo side was oily. I had her towed home in sorrow.

I decided to rip apart the entire turbo side of the engine and fix all of my oil leak problems once and for all. Progress has been/will be very slow but the plan is to reassemble with a straight flange 16t since everything is apart. Today, I discovered the oil pressure sender itself (which someone had suggested to me earlier ) was cracked all the way around. I sincerely hope replacing this remedies all of my oil leaking issues that I thought had been the filter relocation arm. It's difficult to see in the picture.

Along the way, I'll (hopefully) be porting the 90+ and installing stainless -an lines for oil feed and return. I also got yoshifabs 10an return fitting installed in the block. Following the instructions made install a breeze.

My theory is the oil pressure sender was leaking at higher rpms. It was leaking onto the water pipe hence all the dirtiness in that area. Then ran onto the oil cooler hoses and to the sandwich plate/filter/etc. I was mislead, or so I hope, thinking the relocating arm was not sealing.

**Where can one source a new oil pressure sender?

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