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Originally Posted by nathaninwa View Post
Olov.....would take some time to figure which plug had the pressure. When mine failed the first time....I lost the rear 2 on exhaust and forward on the intake side. There were 3 others that were flush with the block and not even with the chamfer. You have a good idea about tapping the block....but from what I'm seeing...the bores are very close to the plugs so you'd almost need to start the hole...the cut the die up and finish tapping. And with my engine installed....a bit more work than what I wanted. And the valve is only 3/8 pipe.....any larger and the solenoids get huge.
I was thinking, is it allways the plug that is at the place where the cilynder wall is at the closest of the outside wall, sort of "tight squish" so to say.

It could explain some issues imho.
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