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Wow... I didn't mean to start a war between the Getrag and T5 folks. I'm leaning towards the T5 if I go with a non-Volvo tranny. I'm sure the aftermarket for the T5 is much larger.

Lots of people suggesting that I go for a hydraulic clutch. I've got this car, as well as an '87 240 with the M47, and my mother has an '85 740 turbo with the M46. I'm not sure whether these other two are hydraulic or cable, but as a comparison, the clutches on the other two are much easier to disengage. I'll check the '87 240 sedan tomorrow. I thought it was cable, though, and its clutch is really easy to disengage. If cable is capable of being smooth and not too hard on the leg muscles, I'm gonna stick with that, whether I go T5 or stick with the M46. I like the simplicity.

I've thought it over and the whole thing is basically gonna come down to money. If I can afford the T5 swap, I'm gonna do it. I'm sure it'll be much better in the long run. I should know by next week.

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