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Originally Posted by +Kardboard+ View Post
Ha, I see him at one of the sites for work fairly regularly. Younger Caucasian fellow drives it. Modded exhaust also.

Met Capt. Bondo once at Mark's (as in username "Mark) along with amargill19?, adrianpike, NotSoFresh and my buddy project242.

Met the infamous GrandmaSideways a while back, also with GabAlmighty once. Met Double02 double times (). skylinegtr and B-Rod more often. ZoomSpeed at Cates Park this year (my first).

Yeah, we need more meets. I think a bunch of us are meeting on Saturday at an IKEA. Or I'm just having coffee with my friends and distributing those 8V Turbo shirts.

...and I'm supposed to be doing an assignment, but I'm bored.

This is a really great shot:

Why does he ziptie the license plate to the bumper/air dam,
instead of using the pretapped holes in the commando bumper? Is
it 'because turbobricks'? If so, it must be a lurker.

Which Ikea? What time? It's not a good day for me, but a Volvo
parade to Richmond or Coquitlam could be in the cards, just maybe.

Any more t-shirts? I seem to have missed that thread.

And, screw assignments, I'm supposed to be asleep.
I have a Volvo with some half-done, homemade crap in it.
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