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Originally Posted by B-Rod View Post
Lol serious? Where/when was this? It's not ringing any bells. I DID see a nice silver 242 in Yaletown on Monday night though. You?

I'm down for more meets this year too, no more school (whoop!) so weekends are free and clear. I'm also going to try to make IPD this year, others should as well
No, not in Yaletown on Monday. Car is out of town ATM.

This was at least six weeks ago (probably a little more), as the
242 has been in Thunder Bay that long, and I was definintely in
the 242 when I spotted you pulling out of the Canadian Tire on
Marmont. I saw you looking.

My daily is a green '79 245. Quad rounds, Pretty distinctive.

Dina and I were taking a bunch of crap to the transfer station in
the two wagons last fall (got to love showing up at the transfer
station in matching 245s) and passed the guy that has the nice
red 122 coupe. I've seen that car a few times, but this was the
first time I've seen it driving. That guy was rubbernecking the
'75 and '79 245s harsh. I'd love to catch him with his 122. Gotta
get to Cates.

I saw your 240 languishing in the driveway on Schoolhouse today
on my way to Barry Hamel.

Originally Posted by Rust Reaper View Post
If people are serious about getting together I can open up my shop to people. 2500 sqft and set up to do most things, including upholstery, fiberglass, welding, wrenching...whatever. I could even lend use of my hoist if someone has a job that's just too hard to do in the dirt.

I could even bring a BBQ.
I'm in for this. Have propane. Cow supply is wearing thin, but
could bring some beef.

I need a little lead time, however.

I can host a barbeque sometime in the summer, provided we set a
date soon. I'm all for the 2500 sqft shop though.
I have a Volvo with some half-done, homemade crap in it.
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