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Originally Posted by Double02 View Post
I've tried to get Volvo guys out to some meets on Thursday nights. A local BMW forum has their meets that night and I can't manage two meets a week, so I figured party-crashing Volvos would be the next best thing. The success rate has been pretty low, aside from Kardboard.
The BMW folks put on skills days and do autocross from time to
time. It's out at the Pitt Meadows airport.

Dina and I went out to their "Winter skills driving course" this
fall. She took her 242 GLT and I took her camera.

For ~$200, she learned a whole lot and had a real good time. I
was a little jealous, but I learned to winter drive in a scrapyard
setting, and did not have a trip to Northern Ontario in the cards
for this winter.

Weeks later, she was driving on the #1 from Revelstoke to Golden,
just after the highway was re-opened, in appalling weather, and
her $200 suddenly paid for itself (not to mention the snows...).

I think the course has paid for itself once or twice more, in Northern
Ontario in the winter. Good snow tires help also. Hakkeppeliitas
FTW. (G80 also).

In fact, I have a feeling that the car survived based on that
course. Totally worth it.

I'd love to take the wagon out for some of the "Dancing with
cones" events coming up. I feel I should finish bracing up the
front end of the 245 first, on the other hand, I'm not sure that
it matters all that much (gotta do it regardless).

Need to brace up the 240s to justify the new welder anyway...
I have a Volvo with some half-done, homemade crap in it.
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