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I finally picked the car up from Travis on Dec. 3rd, 2005. I was excited to get it back and start finishing the car up. First on the adgenda was supposed to be body work. But I soon heard of the first drift practice event, which was to be held on Feb. 18th at VIR. The goal was changed from getting body work done first, to working on the mechanicals. The engine and transmission came out, and were parted out. The engine bay was cleaned up and painted, and in went the B230FT.

This engine was a 94 L block, with the desireable piston oil squirters. I changed nothing with the bottom end, except for a custom oil pan built by Mike Perry. The cylinder head was a 530 casting, with port and polish work done by myself, and stock valves, but using comp cams springs for the extended higher-rpm use this engine was to see. I found an IPD turbo cam on ebay, and tossed that in as well. The intake manifold was port matched,
and it had custom intercooler piping built by Travis as well, used to fit the generic ebay intercooler.

Everything was coming together nicely.

As for suspension, I used the IPD bars that were already on the car, but switched just about everything else. Michael Towery helped me swap the rear axle, to a welded differential that I picked up from Mike Perry. I installed 325-lb rear stock car springs, with adjustable perches from I used the revalved bilsteins that were on the car already in the rear. For the front, I had picked up a set of ITB-spec struts from Tom Smith. These were shortened tubes, with Koni double-adjustable inserts. I also got a set of GroupA style camber plates, also from Tom. I grabbed the SAM strut tower brace which had been on my Bertone, and after performing the alignment, was ready to roll.

I had planned on running Megasquirt on this engine from the get-go, and then once fuel maps were tuned fairly well, the plan was to switch to MSnS-extra. But that plan changed when, after hooking up my MS box, I got no spark from the coil. Somehow something had been damaged in the MS box, and it was grounding out that circuit. So I switched to MSnS-extra. After a week of attempting to get it started, with help from Ben and Lawrence, we figured out that the MSnS box that I had was damaged too. It was continuously firing injectors as soon as the key was turned on. This obviously created some problems, like a crankcase full of fuel! So after this was figured out, Lawrence let me borrow his MSnS box, and the car started soon after installing that box. A little tuning and I was able to drive it around a bit. Then Chris and I headed out on the highway to do some pulls and more tuning.

The tuning went well, and the car was easily driveable. I drove it to and from work for a few days, to try and help break in the clutch, and do a little bit of tuning at the same time. We were now less than 2 weeks away from the drift practice event. It was definetely fun to drive, and the turbo did spool very quickly. Using the spring that came in the Tial wastegate, I was running just under 10psi of boost. It felt very quick, and full boost was acheived just under 3000 rpms. I was very pleased. After a week of driving like this, I upped the boost to 15 psi, and Chris and I went out for some more tuning runs. Fortunately, I had guesstimated the map on the rich side, so it was safe at that boost level, with no pinging. As we adjusted the maps and watched the air/fuel ratio move from 10:1 towards 12:1, the car got faster and faster. We were both amazed at the difference that 2 points of AFR could make. After settling on a safe tune, I felt the car was ready for the track. I installed the 2 sparco seats, and both harnesses, and cleaned up some of the wiring mess. On the Thursday before the event, I loaded the car on my trailer, and was ready to go!

The event started on a Saturday morning, but I had the day off work on Friday. Chris, Michael and I left around 12:30 from our place, and headed down to VIR. The drive took about 4 and a half hours, and we made it with no issues. Checked into the hotel, and hung out. Saturday we got up early and headed to the track. Got the registration and tech inspection finished, and waited for my turn on course. It was quite cold, and there were snow showers expected at some point during the day. Fortunately, our first session on track was dry. The car did well, as I took my time getting up to speed, to learn both the car and the course layout. I had the boost turned back to 10psi for Saturday. It seemed good, but I couldn't wait to turn it up. The second session of the day was done with snow flurries falling, and a very wet track. So it was basically just an attempt at not spinning. But it was still a lot of fun.

Sunday morning was dry, and I was very excited to see how the day went. I started in the morning with the boost set at 10psi still, and became much more familiar with the track. After lunch, I cranked the boost to 15, and that's when the real fun started. After a switch to a different set of rear tires, and with the boost level raised, the car was a monster. I could hold much more angle, and actually started to see some smoke off the rear tires. It gave me a lot of confidence in the car, and made me anxious to turn the boost even higher. I did have a few issues with loose turbo mounting hardware, which caused some melted paint and a cooked upper timing cover, but other than that, the car ran very well. I was pleased with the results.

Now the car is apart, waiting for a new turbo to manifold gasket. After it gets put back together this week, I will be installing the R brakes on the front, and then my new wheels. As soon as everything gets mounted up, I will be sure to post pics of them. Of course, the car will still not be complete, as I am still working on the body work, and getting ready for paint. That is quite an ordeal, of course. Some day it will be complete though, I promise.

Future plans for the car include a built bottom end, to support 20 to 25psi of boost, and of course more tuning of the MSnS. I have to get on a dyno at some time in the near future, to get the timing map sorted out better. Of course the paint still needs to be done, which should come at some point in March or April. And then I will just work on driving the car and having a good time while drifting, and the occasional trip down the 1/4 mile.

how psi a stock can support?
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