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Default 3 flathoods

O.K. At the prompting of Pat here goes:
I currently own 3 1983 Original Flathoods.
Red (purchased in Bellingham, WA in 2000),
Black (purchased in San Diego, 2001 currently for sale)
and Silver (purchased in 2003). The silver car had the original window sticker in the owners manual (lucky me). The cost of this car in 1983 was $18,465 and I can forward a jpg of the sticker if anyone wants a copy.
I have restored all three of these vehicles and there appears to be nothing special on these vehciles other than the hood and the "Silver" grill that came on European models (in black trim) until 1980 when European model's front sheet metal more represented US 1986 and later models.
None of my cars have/had bigger intercoolers, bigger fuel distributors, group A wings, limited slips, water injection etc., upper or lower braces when purchased and any Rsport shocks/struts were most likely replaced in the 17-20 years prior to me. All were automatics and intercooled, had 23mm front 21mm rear sways and came with the Turbo + system.

In my treasure hunting of the greater Los Angeles and San Diego Ecology (which are U pull it yards), I have seen only 3 sent to dismantling in the past 6 years but have seen hundreds of regular 1983 242s sent to the yards. My guess would be closer to the 500 production number with each dealer only getting a certain allotment if any this is based on the following: junk yards in SoCal are incredible and it is typically for each of these yards to have 20-30 240s at any one time with inventory turning approx. every 4 weeks so you can imagine that they must process 1000s of 240s a year collectively. So to have only run across 3 in 6 years must put the number sold at a very small amount.

The passenger's side strut tower has a special serial code denoted with an S02476 (for those of you who believe you have an original car but not this stamping on your strut tower I have no answer for you and will not dispute anyone who says that not all Flathose came with this stamping). I spoke with a gentleman in San Diego who purchased his flathood in December of 1983 in Arizona and never installed the Group A spoiler that was in his trunk and came with the car. He left it in the box in his garage and there it sat until the San Diego fires in October of 2003 got to it (very sad).

The original spoiler was manufactured by Richard Grant (a U.K.) company and I had the priviledge of purchasing an NOS one a few years ago which I have installed on the black car. Since that time, I have tried to track down more of them from suppliers in Germany, UK, Australia with no luck.

I do have a copy of some of the original international paperwork submitted to the racing authorities for the 240 model.
For me personally, owning an original 1983 flathood is gratifying in the fact that the cars are rare and unique. Are they that special, well most likely the answer is "no" but then again I am biased.
As mentioned above, I am selling the black one which won 3rd place "stock class" at the 2002 Solvang meet. Serious inquiries only.
Not sure if any of the above is pertinent to the discussion, but I will keep reading new threads and hopefully I can answer any questions based on the above.
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