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Partial disassembly of the sender/pump 'assembly'. Removed the pre-pump. I can modify the bracket to accept the Deatschwerks unit. I was able to pry the electrical connections out of the housing. I'll make a new soldered connection to connect the fuel gauge sender to the harness. I simply cut the pump hot wire as new connections will be made for the new pump. There have been issues with bad grounds causing pump challenges/failures -- so I'll run the hot and ground wires out of the tank to be sure I've got a good ground outside the unit. I'll cut the stock supply line off much shorter and use it as a conduit to run my electrical wires out of -- hot, ground and sender. I'll leave the capped vent line as it is and I'll cap the stock return line. In the bottom picture you can see the holes where the electrical connections came through. I'll modify those to accept the -6AN bulkhead fittings for supply and return lines. Time for the baby cutoff wheel...

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