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Originally Posted by Double02 View Post
Powell's closest cluster is Callister/Andina.

You could group Parallel 49 with Doan's. I never used to go to 49 since I don't love their beer but since they've added a bazillion guest taps and are open until 12 I'm there pretty often. What is Discuss? I thought I knew all the local spots but haven't heard of that one.

I might be able to make it out if you end up at one of the East Van clusters.
Discuss is kind of like a bar called Puzzles...HIMYM joke

Discuss was supposed to be Doan's. Man even with all the editing I missed that one. Bad me

I didn't know about Callister/Andina. Thanks for that head up.

I guess there is also Storm up that way if you want to go OG'ish


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