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Originally Posted by DOHC740 View Post
Can some one give me a complete list of all the parts needed to turbo my 16v motor.

I'm in the process of picking up a 8v manifold, a adapter plate to use it on my 16v, a just finished cleaning and polishing my 850 TB for the 16v. I'm picking up a rebuilt stock 8v turbo.

But I just want to know what else I will need to complete it without having to change any major motor parts. I'm not planning on racing my volvo, I just want to get little more around town power when needed.

I have a 91 740 with the Dohc 16v redblock motor. the motor has been rebuilt 22k ago, along with the tranny. The diff was checked 2 weeks ago and had the fluid drained and refilled.

The car is overall great shape.

I'm just looking for a complete list off al componets needed to complete the installation.


I take it you have not read any of this??
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