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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
Yeah, the A motor power was kept down largely by that carb, along with the cam. Keeping the carb will really limit what the motor does. That said, low in the RPM range, you don't need much carb to make torque.

A stock cheap 'D' cam is a nice perk up for any of the lwoer-specced motors. But again, bear in mind that the peppier cams are moving peak power up higher in the RPM range (torque is nice, torque at higher RPM is more HP), and if the single carb can't flow enough air there to work, it's jsut going to make less power overall, tading off lower RPM power for higher RPM power it can't make.

If you are super dedicated to keeping the single Streomberg - is there a larger version you could put on? Like the dual HS6/HIF6's Volvo used - there were HS8/HIF8 carbs used on larger motors.

If you keep the single carb, I also wouldn't bother with larger valves - at least not the intake valves. The exhaust valves are the biggest restrictions in a B20 head.
Thanks John. I'm just trying to gauge what is going to pay and what is not with my carb. I don't want to spend cash on a new head if it's not going to give me what I want. If a modern cam grind, larger exhaust and lighter flywheel are where the gains are to be had with the single stromberg then that is fine, I'm okay with that. I also don't want to lose originality of the car as that is a big part of my 142.
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