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Turbo, what?
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Yeah, it does kind of look like it has one, and I guess that's why it looks like it could be a good fit for the car, lol. And, by the time I have a carbon hood, you better believe there'll be more carbon on it, and there will be much less chrome, and the windows will be darker... I don't think I'll be getting the tint this year, gotta get a new windshield first... I'd rather just get the suspension and other stuff I already have on their way/lying around done for this year. Along with cleaning up some misc. stuff, like the airbag contact reel getting replaced, putting in some new bulbs in some of the switches(AC switch, one seat heater switch, and the rear foglight switch), and converting the AC to 134. I need to pull the radiator out and blow out the debris that's blocking it(along with the ac condensor) and flush the cooling system. Oh, and rear brakes will probably be "serviced" sometime this year as well.
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