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Turbo, what?
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Some news... The A cam isn't that bad up top in reality... While doing the ignition timing mod(now 3 deg. advanced), I noticed that my spark pattern was a bit F'd up... After only ~15,000 miles, my cap and rotor were spewing extra sparks while skipping others...? New plugs in(bp6es instead of bpr6es, but I think I should've gone with 7s), coolant flush, Mobil 1 15-50, fuel filter...

Car feels much better up top now, even if my Aurora spark plug wires are not actually connected. Well, one is, but the other three have all pulled apart. F'n pathetic. I'm going to contact them and request some money back, or at the very least new wires. I don't even want to run these anymore though because of it.

It was falling pretty much flat on it's face above 5000, now it continues to pull, much more like the V15... Can't wait to get it back on the track! Dyno should be next week sometime, possibly.
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