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A few things taken care of before the VCOA Midsommar Meet. In the past couple months I've done a diff fluid service, brake fluid flush, coolant flush, and most recently this:

New OEM AC compressor. The wife preferred we have AC for the trip, since she's use to modern vehicles. Probably do the tranny fluid, since we'll be on the road for the weekend. I have some new polish and sealant to try out, but this Saturday I have an appt to take a couple of remaining dings out. We'll see if I get to the full clay bar and polish, but it's pretty much ready for the show.

Kinda bummed the M90 swap isn't ready and I haven't clocked and bracketed the 15g, but at this point it doesn't really bother me. Bite size projects are easier to do at this point in my life and the motivation to do the m90 and 15g swap is there, just have to find the time to do it right. The car is running stellar and like I said in the previous post, I've been doing some wire-brushing, cleaning and painting of engine bay stuff. Just getting things sorted well and cleaned up is pretty satisfying.

1994 945ti | 15g @ 14psi, Turbosmart EBC, AEM Failsafe WB, 3"/2.5" exhaust, do88 intercooler, iPd cam, STS cam gear, Ostrich LH tune, sbabbs EZK chip, green giants, K&N, Yoshifab CCV/Can/Cap, iPd SS brake lines, TME, Eibach, BNE, Koni suspension, iPd sways, iPd panhard, Cherry Turbos upper/lower braces, forged BBS RG-Rs, Michelin Pilot SS, ecodes, V90 bits.
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