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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
I'm in this same exact situation. I hadn't made it around to the rear axle swap yet, so I haven't made a decision.

I can't find the numbers I had written down but it seems like the narrowed 8.8 (short-side axles on both sides) is just a little bit narrower than the 240 axles is when it has two 32mm spacer/adapters on it (as mine does now).

So close that I was pondering just using a couple of spacers and having the rear hubs drilled so I can keep the pattern at 4.25". And continue using the FWD offset wheels I'm already have.

Look hard John..I don't know if there's enough meat in the OD of the hubs especially with weird-ass Volvo studs bug dumb knurl dia..
Might be worth doing a scale drawing to see..
I did the 4.25 to 4.5 thing for a guy with an Xratty--yeah yeah different car but there's a principle that OEMs don't like giving away pointless metal so why put more on OD than whatever calculations they use says to---and I had to make an "OD extender" a spacer but overhanging the edge and zapped in place>>

And I made the studs so the shank was 14mm--same as the threaded bit. M14x1.5 so we could use nuts with 19mm hex.
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