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Originally Posted by 84B23F View Post
I suggest reading this post (#7) here, in regards to a V-6 engine.

David is a professional mechanic, and also a GM "tuner." In short, he understands this tech.
Ok, I see that explanation, but think about installing a wasted spark system on a Volvo redblock engine. We are using wasted spark (and not sequential coil-on-plug or otherwise) because there is no cam angle sensor to phase ignition timing to.

With a 2x2 coil pack and the Buchka board installed on the EZ117K system, we've got an alternating output from the EZK/WS controller, telling one of two circuits when to fire. Each set of coils has two outputs, paired as cyl. 1&4 and cyl. 2&3.

Within one of these circuits, how would the ignition system possibly "know" when to fire one cylinder with conventional polarity, and the other with reverse polarity? How would it allegedly switch between the two modes?

It can't know because there is no cam angle sensor to distinguish between compression stroke and exhaust stroke, which is why it's a wasted spark system in the first place...

I'm not an electrical engineer but I am a professional automotive engineer with over 12 years experience in the field, and I'm struggling to understand how that could possibly work.
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