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Originally Posted by Lankku View Post
Easiest way to roughly estimate how it spools and what kind of power can be expected is knowing a couple of things. Compressor intake side size, turbine(exhaust) housing size, turbine extruder(outlet) size, what type of exhaust manifold and is the engine stock or modified.

BW and KKK are basically the same. I think KKK as a name has been dropped(?) and models live on.
these are the turbo specs as far as i can tell:
Inducer: 54,5mm
Exducer: 82mm

Inducer: 81mm
Exducer: 71,5mm

Knowing this where can i go from here and how efficient/ laggy will this be, assuming i have a custom equal length exhaust manifold, and a 3" down pipe.
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