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Originally Posted by doleary View Post
Sorry if this is the wrong section just needed you guys' advice im thinking about buying an 83 volvo 240 glt its manual and has the turbo b21f. paint is beat, interior is beat, high mileage, it seems to run good though. owner is asking for $1300 but it has $850 in back fees. Seemed a little high to me exspecially sense i live in ca and dont even know if it will pass smog. Iv been trying to compare prices but cant find any 4 door turbos really, is the car really that rare ? what do you guys think ?
Originally Posted by doleary View Post
oh and has the kjet which if i remember correctly isnt the greatest for tuning or higher boost. Do i have any options for getting some horses out of her (safely)and keeping the kjet for now. Also its missing the hose for the water cool on the turbo how big of a deal is this ?
They are getting much harder to find. Pictures would help a lot. Could be worth it. It's in the ball park anyways.

As long as the k-jet runs good, it's okay.

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