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My dad had to drive this car for a few days after the 240 blew a tire, and as a "thank you" gift he surprised me with a new steering wheel! Very generous. The old one was mostly delaminated, worn smooth, and honestly had to go.

The airbag had definitely been out before, in fact the sticker on the door jamb seems to suggest it was actually replaced on schedule in 2008. Guess I can feel safe for a few more years.

I had originally planned to give refurbishing the cruise control stalk a go so it could have a prayer of working, but the switch seems to be riveted together and not serviceable. Lots of mildly gross dust up in this part of the car.

A nice left horn button coming with the wheel was a big plus. Good to see the original texture on the wheel almost all the way around.

Oh, and scored this thing on eBay for $40:

Hard to see, but it's a 16T off of a (01-04?) C70. The ad didn't make it clear whether it was a 16T or 14T so I gambled (or maybe looked up the half of the part number that wasn't obscured) and won.

It's admittedly a little sloppy, but should work.

Having now owned and seen in person all three Volvo TD04HL turbine housings at one point from various eBay/CL deals I am pretty determined to make the angled flange work. If I end up scoring another conical turbine housing it might make it on there as a temporary measure. If you put an angled turbine housing on your car, please let me know what you ended up doing...
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