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Originally Posted by Coupid View Post
Just read through the entire thread. Great project and lots of helpful information for M90 swaps and suspension. Thanks!
Glad to hear it, thanks! Really appreciate hearing that kind of stuff.

Originally Posted by 90volvo View Post
I have angled flange 19T. Will admit the muffler shop had a tough time with it. Working on it; I figured out, dont put long stud on it. It will make it a royal pain to remove. I replace the long studs for some short one and now it a piece of cake. Bad thing about the angled flange is nothing else will bolt up to it. Im max out on 19T and would like to upgrade but Ill have to change the downpipe. Dont think the ex. shop will want to do it. LEt me know if you have any questions.
The studs on the housing where it connects to the downpipe? That's good to know.

Originally Posted by Swedbrick View Post
You could also look for a 13g or 15t with the straight housing, swap them and sell of the turbo again. It should bring about the same in price and save you on the exhaust work
It would definitely be easier to make the straight flange work, planning on that as a backup plan.

Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
Have you rebuilt any of the TD04 turbos before? CHRA common I believe to most..... I used a factory MITSU overhaul kit, and followed the video from ARD Tuning, which might still be up even tho they apparently don't exist any more. Cheapie ChiWanNese kits are out there for 1/3 the price, but I always try to buy the best as you won't be disappointed with quality.

Good luck with the angled housing..... I used a flat flange 7cm housing on my 19t, and would not have wanted the trouble to fit that flange to the DP on a 7/9. Seen pics of several, and I don't care for the aesthetics of that swap myself.... (Engineer OCD).
I had originally intended on the straight flange, figuring it would be easier to make a downpipe for it, and I do have a rebuild kit for it but have not rebuilt one of these before. I changed my plan a bit when I saw this: as well as being tempted by the enormous outlet on the angled flange, particularly relative to the very high temperature (and low density) of that area. I could be overthinking it though.

I'd love to see some dyno testing of angled vs flat vs conical turbine housings on the same car. Would be curious to know how much of a difference it makes.
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