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Originally Posted by Grendel View Post
It's interesting to see how many folks are from New England.

Keep at the build.
I'm surprised at how many I still see every day that appear to just be used like regular cars. It's a testament to the build quality of these things.

Not too much to report. Drove the car, washed the car, drove the car, washed the car. Oil change up soon, so taking a stab at fixing some small oil leaks. Underside and back of the engine is oily, as is expected. I have to add a quart every 1200-1500 miles which I'd like to stop doing. Took the distributor off and found evidence of leakage along with a ton of thrust play in the distributor shaft. I had another one lying around, much tighter and no evidence of leaks. Means I can't sell it, but I would rather enjoy reduced oil leaks than $30.

Excited to ask for oil advice and then do my own research, proceeding to buy something not recommended by anyone.
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