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Let me run my water leak question by you guys: I was wondering why there was moisture in the car, and after actually looking in during the daylight......there's a pool of standing water on the passenger side footwell in the backseat! Could this be from the window seal, or would it be from the drain holes plugging up, or perhaps the window "wiper" failing and water running down into the door and onto the carpet? Either way, there was a pool of water in my backseat-now there's a bucket of damp-rid in there- and I'm trying to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Also, there's condensation on the inside of the metal trunk lid, I suspect that's because of a bad trunk seal and clogged drains.

Thank you guys for the info on the window seals, hopefully I can find some in decent condition at the junkyard. TFT, thanks for the post on the scrapers. I don't know if that's the issue yet, but in my searching on the subject (a tbricker that searches before he posts!) some said those could fail and cause water to run down into the door.
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