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Originally Posted by cwdodson88 View Post
How is the ground from the block to the frame? Also what gauge is it?
Ground was built using two copper ends and 0 gauge wire. It's grounded in stock location on the block running under to the frame rail where it's drilled:tapped with a bolt.

I still think it's the amm. I am going to install a legit 012 full 3" tonight and report back my results. That's the only additional part different (other than turbo, IC, BOV etc) added to the car from the last time it was driving perfectly.

Thanks for the advice and help. Keep it coming so we can see what this thing does and so I can get to painting the car!

The ghetto paint job will be accomplished by myself like everything else an seeing how people like my work, you will see how you can do it at home yourself too!
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