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Originally Posted by Dan Stokes View Post
Just a "BTW" - NOBODY who actually works with these systems EVER calls it "NOS (naws)". That's a trade name for a company called Nitrous Oxide Systems which is a perfectly decent organization. They DO NOT call the gas "NOS", either. That comes from movie references when writers, clearly not car people, were trying to make the characters sound cool by uttering sounds that simply showed that the writers didn't know the car world. Sadly this has caught on with folks who mostly saw a movie but really aren't car folks either.

So it's N2O or (usually) just nitrous. You'll sound cool and not like a wanna be.

Thanks Dan.... Hence the only time I used naws spelling was in the same sentence as ricer! I fully support the dyno time notion.... I have never had the hog make a pull, but itll prolly lay down like, idk, 151 rwhp, right of the trailer, no prep.

Originally Posted by Wilford Brimley View Post
You know its all about those catch lines.... And it is giant. Compared to an IHI RHB3. Its all about perspective. Besides, watched a branden carlson vid yesterday, and his "HUGE" turbo didnt make max boost till 5k according to his vlog. This should come on notably quicker. His channel is kinda entertaining, check it out.
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