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I don't buy much at real Volvo parts stores. As I don't like many brands for example I have some very bad experience with some Scantech stuff. I also don't buy much at the dealer, except some interior parts.

Engine i will go to Bosch, they still deliver very much for our old beloved cars. I bought last week 4 new injectors, as 2 were leaking. The dealer asks 240 euro for one. I now payed 180 euro original Bosch for all 4. 49 euro each minus 16 euro rabatt.

Front suspension I always get myself Lemforder/Mehle and Moog, never had any problems with Moog.

Gasoline/vacuum hoses, never buy them from Volvo. As they think they are made from gold. Just go to your local hydraulic store, around here we have Pirtek. All hydraulics lines can take fuel, I also use them for vacuum lines. Then its only 4 euro/meter instead of 35 euro at the dealer.

Brakes is always Bosch/TRW/Brembo on my vehicles. Once made the failure to put Scantech discs on the car. Within 2 months the car started shaking. Had a very hard time to bring them back. As they sad i drove through the water. Well so? That is what cars do and that is what disc brakes should handle. Never and I say never had this problem with Bosch discs. You can drive like ass and stop in the river with your discs below the waterline and then continue your ride and they will be all fine.

Can make 740 list if someone like, changed almost every part of my front suspension. Even Sachs, original supplier, still delivers everything. Much more comfortable then Monroe.
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