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Originally Posted by NotSoFresh View Post
Well lets see, at 131kms, it is likely the bottom end is good. So since the valve is burnt and the seat will need to be cut, might as well port the head, you know, while you are in there..... And you said the cam lobe was wiped? Better get a new cam, only one with bigger bumps so they don't wear down as fast. Skim the head, you know for gasket sealing and all. Since we went this far, a set of Weber dcoe clone throttle bodies and megasquirt. ...Then and only then should you install the 150 shot and send it.
The head was already rebuilt- now it needs a cam. Im scheming to pull the head and cc it to see where my scr is at. I will do an Isky street torque cam or D cam with fresh lifters and pushrods for more fun. I may keep the HIF44s or go to dual cable actuated DHLA/DCOEs depending on the wanted seat dyno power.

EDIT: also rockauto aluminum cam gears
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