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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently working on the Davis Past Events page updates (to be made public with the Rolling Article release):

And, wanted to check-in with the Turbobricks community to see if someone still has a copy of their K1 Speed final race results e-mail that they can forward to me:
webmaster at sacvolvoclub dot org

Thanks to gsellstr, I currently have a copy of the results for the group with the following people (A-Z by first name):
Daniel P.
David T.
Gabriel F.
Gary S.
Henry G.
Michael B.
Scott B.
Sheldon C.


And, a friendly reminder that we are always interested in sharing your photos!

If you took a lot of photos, please upload to Dropbox and send me the shared link.

If you only took a few photos, attach them to an e-mail or upload to Dropbox.

And, please let me know how you want to be credited and if you have any social media limitations.

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2017 Davis Past Events Information can also be found here:



Take care,
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