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Moog & NAPA used to be at LEAST decent quality; sometimes good bits. NAPA still does have some good stuff- but its more sketchy than years ago. LOTS of Chinese caca in jobber supplied "tools".

Moog was at one time top drawer stuff. Maybe they still are in some circles; but I just yesterday can say that at least the closest NAPA has ZERO ball joints; Moog or otherwise THAT ARE GREASEABLE- for 700/900's; not Moog or anyone else.
I've indeed become even more jaded that not one ebay seller- nor an unskilled search of ANYWHERE even makes them. PLEASE PROVE MY SEARCH SKILLS WRONG?

If anyone knows of a new ball joint design that isn't a sealed unit design; meaning I can get the ball and socket apart without ruining it; I'm going to hopefully, unless the socket os just too hardened to be accepting of a tiny grease path ground in...

Idealistic? I'd rather take a few extra minutes and be able to wash away wear flotsam away with fresh grease; wipe out old grease with fresh and reduce friction WON time. Beats ball joint replacing over and over, but I don't REALLY know if carbide would wilt in cutting grooves. Surely it's not that stout; anyone know if a groove is feasible; or which even can be taken apart?
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