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Originally Posted by $EEKING 945 TURBO WAGON View Post
Moog & NAPA used to be at LEAST decent quality; sometimes good bits. NAPA still does have some good stuff- but its more sketchy than years ago. LOTS of Chinese caca in jobber supplied "tools".

Moog was at one time top drawer stuff. Maybe they still are in some circles; but I just yesterday can say that at least the closest NAPA has ZERO ball joints; Moog or otherwise THAT ARE GREASEABLE- for 700/900's; not Moog or anyone else.
I've indeed become even more jaded that not one ebay seller- nor an unskilled search of ANYWHERE even makes them. PLEASE PROVE MY SEARCH SKILLS WRONG?

If anyone knows of a new ball joint design that isn't a sealed unit design; meaning I can get the ball and socket apart without ruining it; I'm going to hopefully, unless the socket os just too hardened to be accepting of a tiny grease path ground in...

Idealistic? I'd rather take a few extra minutes and be able to wash away wear flotsam away with fresh grease; wipe out old grease with fresh and reduce friction WON time. Beats ball joint replacing over and over, but I don't REALLY know if carbide would wilt in cutting grooves. Surely it's not that stout; anyone know if a groove is feasible; or which even can be taken apart?

You do realize that with a greasable balljoint, there is the ability to introduce MORE dirt into the joint, right?? There is nothing wrong with sealed units, and I'm sure the Moog sealed units will last just as long as OEM. They are also designed to retain teir greas ebetter than a greasable joint, which allows for slightly better control of tolerances. They're still built to high quality standards.
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