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VE analyse is indeed amazing! i used it to tune my 800 t/m 5000 rpm you need a good AFR table. after tuning i use 5% O2 correction while driving. the result is a smooth running car!

when tuning i try to hit as much cells i can get (they turn green when TS tuned it enough).

I asked the developers if they can make a WUE-analyzer and they are working on it already!
imagine, start your (COLD) engine let it warmup and TS will tune your WUE curve!, I spend a lot of time tuning the WUE.

who needs megatune?

I made my (NA) AFR table like this:

set all the cells @ 14.8, then set the top 2 rows @ 13.0
I then set my cruse cells @ 15.8.

When looking in 3d at my table i smooth out the extreme transactions.


Volvo 164e B30e, Megasquirt MSII extra

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