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Tried ether just now... didn't start, but there was definitely ignition... I probably just used too much. All I got was a pop, which nearly ignited what dripped into the intercooler hose. Crisis averted. Tried again with the same result. If I cranked longer, it probably would have started but I didn't want to take any chances.
Tried the Y jumper relay bypass, no difference at all.

The male terminals from the ballast resistor are good and clean, that's where I tested the resistance because I didn't want to pull the spades off the resistor pack. That was the issue with the previous resistor I had on the car and I was unable to fix it at the time.

I have already checked continuity between the ECU connector and the injector connectors, all good. I moved around the harness and there was no change, so we're good there.

I will try the test light in a little bit.
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