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Spent the past few saturdays day chasing gremlins, both electrical and mechanical.

Silly things like:
Sunroof would open, but not close --> cleaned switch
Horn would not work --> chased it down to a grounded connection
Low charging voltage --> swapped in spare alternator
Knock control signal absent --> swapped in spare knock sensor
Small oil leak somewhere around the turbocharger --> tightened the oil feed banjo bolt 1/8 of a turn
Throttle cable was fraying --> new used installed
Brake light was permanently on --> adjusted switch contact point with a hammer
Exhaust leak at the turbocharger --> retorqued the wastegate flange bolts
Idle was sporatic --> cleaned idle control valve
Missing interior panels --> found, cleaned and installed interior pieces
Missing euro plate holders --> mounted euro plate holders
Bad windshield wipers --> installed new ones
Faulty front left turn signal --> put new bulbs on the shopping list
Ugly brass PCB Inlet --> installed new inlet adapter
Computer was having a hard time adapting to the 3" MAF --> revert back to the 016 MAF till after registration

Pics of the inlet adapter, 3D printed of course with a polycarbonate body and polyurethane gaskets

To Do List:
Install new blinker bulbs
Faulty rear fog light --> dunno, gotta see what I have to work with. Rear fog lights are required in Europe...
Shifter reverse lock out and bushings --> install shortened shifter and new bushings
Call and make an appointment for technical inspection!!!

I'd like to be up and running within the next few weeks, but the next few weekends I'm out of town. Not much of a problem since it's light outside until 9:30 p.m.


On a side note I finally got a choice turbo. Was wanting a disco potato, but they're still quite expensive even on the used market. Last night I caught this beauty on eBay for 100 Euronen shipped! A .48 T3 "cosworth" hotside with a T4 something (later identified as a V-trim).

Been looking for a good turbo for the past two years, but everything kept slipping through my fingers. Have a Volvo K24 on the shelf, but it's the later model where the output tilts towards the back and would run the piping too close to the exhaust manifold...

Even though the currently installed turbo is already a tight fit, looking at this comparison photo of a T3 next to a T34 leads me to think the swap won't be too problematic... Sure I'll need a new downpipe, but I was planing on that anyway.

After the restauration and registration I'll be looking forward to beginning the next stage with the cossie turbo!
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