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Originally Posted by okoye View Post
Hey question do you think you could 3d print a shifter bushing for an m90?
Could, but they are the same bushings for the m46 and m47 trannys. That is if you mean these bushings.

Otherwise the ones for the stabilizing arm going to the shift collumn wouldn't be a problem, but then at 4.45 Euros I'd probably just buy em outright.

If you need a special bushing cause you changed something or whatever, I could still help out. But I first got to print out a couple of Gemini tools when the 3d printer calms down again...

Originally Posted by Sander View Post
Good luck with the TüV, Germany needs more nicely modded Volvo's like this.
Thanks! Can't say I'm not nervous what they'll start complaining about first... cause they will find everything they want if they're in the mood

And Sander, excited to see your build finished, you got a niiiice project

Originally Posted by oldschoolvolvo View Post
nice work! love the "no-nonsense" look under the hood

also jealous of your wheels
My neighbors are all into the VW tuning scene, big rims, shiny paint and all. Their freinds sometimes walk by the shop and start poking fun at my poor old Volvo...

Those who don't want to know, don't need to know!

And yeah, I gotta hold myself back from buying more rims...
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Originally Posted by nordmaschine View Post
Try to recreate and see what happens, our crystall ball servers are currrently down.

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